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Creating Enriching Opportunities For Adults With Developmental Disabilities


Eagles’ Wings Inc. provides services for people with developmental disabilities. These services all fall under the Home and Community Based Services. These services teach people to be more independent and immersed in their community as valued citizens. Services focus on privacy, dignity, respect and freedom from coercion and restraint. Individuals are modeled and taught about control of personal resources, having legally enforced leases just like other people in the community. The services stress how important physical accessibility is for people with disabilities, so they have access to all of the same places, people and things you and I have. The Person-Centered Plan is the bedrock of their goals and objectives, which they choose and help develop. Working is usually one of the goals for many people. Finding jobs that they are interested in and passionate about just like the careers we choose is so important. There are many ways to get to that career. There is independent work, where a person finds their own job and works as many hours as they want, there is part time work with job coaches who assist them to work for a while and then cut back helping as they learn the job. There is small group work where they work in a group of 2, 3 or 4 with a staff who assists them with transportation and job duties. The bottom line is people with disabilities just may have some abilities which are different from the everyday person, however they have many abilities to which they can use to live the same life we do, and live it well.

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