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Joey Pike 

Eagles' Wings Garden Center, Inc.

Eagles’ Wings Garden Center, Inc. was established to give individuals with developmental disabilities who attend our Day Program an opportunity to work and receive a paycheck. In July 2020 Eagles’ Wings Garden Center started growing hydroponic lettuce and selling it to local restaurants. Our Individuals work delivering fresh lettuce to these restaurants. To date Eagles’ Wings Garden Center has employed eight of our adult individuals through our Small Group Employment Habilitation Program. An Eagles’ Wings staff member drives and assist our individuals when needed during the delivery process. Our lettuce is called “Joey’s Finest Lettuce” named after Joey Pike. Joey is the son of the founders of Eagles’ Wings, which was started because of their son. The local restaurants and community has supported us through buying our hydroponic lettuce. If you would like to try some of our lettuce, please stop by one of the restaurants that serves our hydroponic lettuce. There is a list below of our customers and a link to their website and menu.

Eagles' Wings Garden Center, Inc. Brochure.jpg

Our Happy Clients

Urban Cookhouse.png
Urban Cookhouse
1490 Northbank Pkwy #110
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35406
Urban Cookhouse
1920 29th Ave S.
Birmingham, Alabama 35209
Urban Cookhouse
250 Summit Blvd #102
Birmingham, Alabama 35243
Urban Cookhouse
1801 5th Ave N Alley
Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Pictures of Joey's Finest Lettuce and Delivery to local restaurants'.

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